Top things to do in Adelaide Australia

  • Barossa Valley Winemaking Area – Dating back to around 150 years to when the European settlers arrived Barossa has a steep history in winemaking. It is now said to be the most important area in winemaking in Australia due to its Mediterranean climate. The most famous winery in the region is Jacobs Creek that is available worldwide.
  • Mount Lofty – Mount Lofty towers a mighty 2100 ft above sea level and offers some of the most spectacular views of Adelaide. On a clear day, you can see right up the beautiful coast of Australia. Up the slopes of Mountain, you can visit Cleland Wildlife Park, an award-winning wildlife reserve that gives you a real experience of being ‘in the bush’.
  • Haigh’s Chocolate Factory – A tradition in Australia and an institution of Adelaide the Haigh’s Chocolate Factory is world-renowned for its amazing chocolates. You can watch the staff making the chocolates and learn the process of how they are made and most importantly enjoy some chocolate tasting.
  • McLaren Vale Winetasting Region – An area filled with the most beautiful and picturesque estates provide some of the most beautiful wines and wineries in Australia. The Mediterranean climate makes it perfect for growing olives, almonds and of course grape vineyards.
  • Hahndorf  – A quaint little village that was founded by the German Lutherans in 1839 is a must-see when on a trip to Adelaide. The pretty town has the cutest cottages and leafy streets and plays home to the Hahndorf Academy which shows some of the beautiful artwork from the Australian painter Sir Hans Heysen.
  • Botanical Gardens – This beautiful 21-acre garden complex was founded in 1855 and provides an amazing collection of ornamental plants, flowers and trees. It is a beautiful place to spend the day exploring the different kinds of palms, bromeliads and cycads.