Curacao the island of healing

A hidden gem in the Caribbean. A beautiful rock with awesome people, stunning beaches and crystal-clear water, outside of the hurricane belt.  

Do not let the size of the island fool you. With so much to offer, I would suggest spending as much time as possible on the island. Unless you are happy to leave with a serious sense of FOMO. And do rent a car!

Curacao is one of the ABC islands, off the Venezuelan coast. With direct flights from various destinations such as the Netherlands, Canada, and America it is easily accessible.  

Depending on what you are into I would say the island caters to everyone.

With summer throughout the year and its warmest months September through to November, it makes for a brilliant winter vacation destination!

Boasting 36 beaches to choose from it is well known amongst divers and snorkellers. With every beach offering its own unique experience. My favourites, to name but a few Blue Bay Beach Resort, Kokomo beach, Daaibooi, Cas Abou, Playa Lagun, Klein Knip, Grote Knip, Playa Forti and Playa Kalki. At tugboat beach, you get to swim and snorkel with the inhabitants of a sunken tugboat. Whether you are into snorkeling with turtles, diving, sunbathing, or relaxing on the beach with a cocktail, Curacao has it all. And a trip to the Blue Room Cave is an absolute must.  

Tugboat beach

Cas Abou

One of the most photographed parts of the island, apart from the beaches, swinging bridge, turtles, and iguanas, of course, is the heart of Willemstad, Punda. With its colourful architecture and stunning murals all over town, it is well worth going on a guided tour of the town. And don’t miss out on the various little restaurants, coffee shops and pubs in and around town.


Whilst in town be sure not to miss out on a taste of our locally made liqueur – Blue Curacao Liqueur at Senior & Co. Or visit the Kura Hulanda Museum in Ottrabanda for a full understanding of the Caribbean slave history. I believe this museum is considered as one of the most complete exhibitions on the Caribbean slave trade in the region.

Walking across Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge is an experience in itself and watching it open as a ship comes through can be quite fascinating.

Curacao is well known for its nightlife. With happy hours and dancing every night throughout the island, there is ample to choose from. And with its stunning sunsets be sure to not miss an opportunity for sundowners!  

For me, a visit to the Aloe Vera Farm (which was previously owned by South Africans) and the Ostrich Farm takes me back to my African roots. Why not jump onto a quadbike for further exploring after breakfast?  

If you are into hiking take a trip to the Sheta Boka National Park (or Christoffelpark) where the rocky northern coast of the island holds its own appeal. Or perhaps step into history with a visit to the Hato Caves, which are situated close to the airport.

Although I have not been there a boat trip to Klein Curacao, which is an uninhabited island off the mainland, is apparently a must.

A visit to our Sea Aquarium and swimming with the dolphins is sure to be an experience creating lifelong memories.

And if Yoga, meditation, and Zumba is your thing you are sure to find a class or 2 to join during your stay! 

Full moon yoga

I moved to this beautiful island 8 months ago and could not have asked for a better place to be!

Written by  – Suzette Weightman

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