• Population: 563,402
  • Capital: Paramaribo
  • Language: Dutch
  • Currency: Surinamese Dollar
  • Emergency No: 115
  • Size – 63,251 Square Miles



Suriname is the untraveled wild west of South America  situated on the North-Eastern Atlantic coast.

Suriname is an untold story an many people don’t know much about the country and not many people have been traveling there from the Western World. The main incomes for the country are oil and gold mining and since the 1990’s the democracy has been getting stronger and the country is relying less on Dutch financial aid. 

More than 80% of the land mass of Suriname is untouched Rain forest which only leaves a small portion of this land ready to explore. 



The Capital of Paramaribo is the best place to start in Suriname with beautiful colonial style buildings and amazing bunkhouses to stay in. The people are so friendly and tolerant and welcoming to their city. It is very easy to get around on foot and everything is very easy to attain on a budget. However accommodation can be a little pricey so do your research before you go. 

The local food was a cultural mash up bringing in foods from India, Indonesia and Creole flavours mixed with local ingredients makes for some fabulous flavours.


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