• Population: 129.2 Million
  • Capital: Mexico City
  • Langauge: Spanish
  • Currency: Spanish Peso MXN
  • Emergency No: 911
  • Size – 761,600 Square Miles



At the Southern Most Part of North America, Mexico stands as the world’s largest Spanish speaking nation and the 10th most populous country in the world.

Mexico has 31 states plus Mexico City . Mexico was the heartland of the Aztek cultures and is full of amazing Mayan cultures and architectures to be enjoyed. As the Tourist business is so vital to the Mexican economy everyone benefits from tourism and the Mexican people love to have you.

There are so many reasons to go and explore Mexico and a trip to any of the countries amazing destinations will give you a memorable experience. From beautiful views of Puerto Vallerta to the spring break haven of Cancun there is something for everyone. 


It is no surprise that Mexico is a pretty cheap place to visit and the locals love to barter with you until you get the bargain you are looking for. This means even after filling your suitcase with all your bargains you will still have plenty of money to enjoy the amazing cuisine and of course the famous Margarita. 

Once the tequila is flowing you will not want to miss the amazing music and dancing. There is something in the air that makes everyone a good dancer in Mexico. 


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