• Population: 2.084 Million
  • Capital: Ljubljana
  • Language: Slovenian 
  • Currency: Euro 
  • Emergency No: 112
  • Size – 7,827.4 Square Miles



Slovenia is a small country is central Europe on the sunny side of the Alps.  Slovenia is most known for its amazing mountains, lakes, hot springs and ski resorts. 

 Slovenia is a relatively quiet country with a charm and quirkyness you wont find in other parts of Europe. 


Throughout the cities of Slovenia you will find a lot of street art and amazingly strange and quirky decorations that make each city unique. From Multi-coloured umbrellas overhead or a bright pink park bench you will find something different around every corner. 

 Just to keep things in the strange and unusual in Slovenia you can actually buy milk that is unpasturised form vending machines. This is something that is illegal in some countries but Slovenia embraces the different. 

As you continue your story into Slovenia why not visit one of the 100 castles that are available to visit. Ljubljana Castle stands above the city so it is easy to visit from the city and gives you the most beautiful views. 


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