Saudi Arabia 

  • Population: 33.7 Million
  • Capital: Riyadh
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Saudi Riyal
  • Emergency No: Police 999 Fire – 998 Ambulance – 997
  • Size – 830,000 Square Miles


Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia has just recently become more open to tourism and is now offering more tourist visas than ever before. 

In order to try and make the country more appealing to western customers the governement have relaxed many of their laws such as women are now allowed to drive without a guardian. They have also put a lot of money into new attractions such as a themepark that is said to be bigger than Orlando’s Disney world and other attractions said to be ready in the next decade. 


Although Saudi is a safe country to visit be aware of the countries culture. There may be different entrances for men and women so if you travel as a couple know at times you may be separated. Public displays of affection are also prohibited. Make sure that you dress respectfully especially woman. 

As the country is a Muslim country many of the shops close down during prayer time and there is no sale of alcohol anywhere. 

As the country is new to visitors the locals may be as curious about you and may invite you for a cup of Arabic coffee or a meal. They may stare at you and ask you questions. 

There is so much to discover about Saudi Arabia and we look forward to finding out more about this beautiful country. 


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