• Population: 104.9 Million
  • Capital: Manila 
  • Language: Filipino and English 
  • Currency: Philippine Peso  
  • Emergency No: 116 and 117
  • Size – 115,831 Square Miles



The Philippines is an island country in the South-East of Asia made up 7,641 islands split into 3 groups. The geographical divisions is split into Luzon, Visayas and Mindanoa.

The Philippines are quickly becoming a big ticket item on the travel bucket list. The amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches and the friendliest people. In a land where island time is real time and Karaoke is a sport there are so many amazing things to discover on a Philippine island. 


Being on a nation of Islands means that there are beautiful waters surrounding every piece of land. These waters make for beautiful snorkeling and diving to see the most beautiful fish and corals.  There is a beautiful underwater world to be explored with amazing large tortoises, over 2,800 different species of fish and whale sharks. 

 The Philippines is a land of tradition and culture and the island of Siquijor. Many Filipinos believe that his island is cursed and filled with the rights of Black Magic. Some refuse to even take a step on the land. 


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