Papua New Guinea 

  • Population: 8.251 Million
  • Capital: Port Moresby
  • Language: English / Tok Pisin / Hiri Motu
  • Currency: Kina 
  • Emergency No: 000
  • Size – 178,704 Square Miles


Papua New Guinea 

Papua New Guinea in the South-West of the Pacific ocean, encompasses the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. 

Papua New Guinea is a country full of history and culture and traditions that are alive in every day upon the island. 


 Papua New Guinea is a country made up of many tribes that all have their own cultures and traditions. These tribes have learned to live in harmony and a big part in keeping that peace is the Sing Sings. These are meeting of the tribes where each tribe will bring there own songs, dance and traditions and compete together to win. 

 With the beautiful blue waters surrounding New Guinea it is a divers paradise with amazing coral reefs and wildlife to be found below the surface. 


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