• Population: 17.18 Million
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Language: Dutch
  • Currency: Euro 
  • Emergency No: 112
  • Size – 16,040 Square Miles



The Netherlands is the land of bicycles, windmills and tulips. The Netherlands is the land of relaxed days and coffee by the canal.



In the Netherlands everyone rides a bicycle and urban cycling is a way of life more than half the country rides a bike daily and in many of the cities there are more bikes than people. If you want to have a cycling holiday hiring a bike is really easy and inexpensive. 

The capital Amsterdam usually makes it onto peoples bucket list for one reason or another but Amsterdam’s iconic canal belt (which is now a UNESCO site) is a main reason to visit. The waterways were the main mode of transportation before the Bikes took over but cruising around on the canal boats is always a fabulous way to spend the day. My advise find one with a bar site back and watch the world go by. 


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