• Population: 29.3 Million
  • Capital: Kathmandu 
  • Language: Nepali 
  • Currency: Nepalese Rupee
  • Emergency No: 228094 or 100
  • Size – 56,826.9 Square Miles



Nepal is a country between India and Tibet  famed for its temples and mountains and more specifically Mount Everest. 

Many people have gone to Nepal to make the attempt at climbing the worlds tallest mountain. This other big pull to Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha. 


 Within Nepal there are over 200 lakes that you can visit. Many of which are glacial due to the high altitude mountains. Some of the lakes are in close proximity of the cities but others are further away making the spectacular views worth the trip. 

 The capital of the Nepal, Kathmandu is cultural hub that you wont want to miss on your trip to Nepal. Kathmandu is the city where the Royals were crowned and legitimized in the courtyards. Visit Dunbar square and see the preserved temples and ancient buildings. 

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