• Population: 7.05 Million
  • Capital: Sofia
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Currency: Bulgarian Lev
  • Emergency No: 150 Ambulance 160 Fire 166 Police
  • Size – 42,855 Square Miles



Bulgaria is one of the cheapest European countries to visit and that is the main attraction for many people but there are so many other reasons to visit Bulgaria. 

From Sunny beaches to coastal villages or amazing art galleries to medievil churches there is so much to offer in this beautiful country. 

 Looking to do a ski trip on a budget then look no further than Bulgaria. The ski slopes are beautiful and have areas for all levels. The infrastructure of the skiing world has been improving each year making Bulgaria a top snow sports option.

 If you start to explore the countryside you will find that it is dotted about with beautiful churches and castles that all come with an amazing view. 


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