• Population: 4.83 Million
  • Capital: Dublin
  • Language: English and Irish
  • Currency: Euro
  • Emergency No: 112 and 999
  • Size – 32,595 Square Miles



Ireland is an island in the Atlantic Ocean that is separated from Britain by the North Channel, the Irish Sea and the St. Georges Channel.

The Emerald Isle is split in two with Northern Ireland still belonging to the United Kingdom but the Southern part of the island is a dream destination. As Ireland evolves as a country its history still seeps through everything it does. Ireland is full of history and legends and so step into the stories of fairies and leprechauns and get lost in the fantasy,  


Ireland is a small country which makes it the perfect place to do a road trip. Take a drive through the country roads and sweeping hills through the small towns and villages. As you travel through stop at the local pubs as you know Ireland and drinking go hand in hand and there is no place in the world that has not tried to replicate an Irish pub. Hand in hand with an Irish Pub is live music. Every pub you go into in Ireland will at some point be playing live music that will have you on your feet and clapping along before you know it. 

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