Boznia and Herzegovina 

  • Population: 3.507 Million
  • Capital: Sarajevo
  • Language: Bosnian / Serbian / Croatian 
  • Currency: B&H convertible mark
  • Emergency No: 112 Police 123 Ambulance 124 Fire
  • Size – 19,767 Square Miles


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) is an almost land locked country except for a small Adriatic Sea.

Despite what many people think Bosnia has not been in war for over 20 years but many travelers avoid the area as they still believe it is war ridden this in untrue. 


Before travelling to B&H please be aware that it is not part of the EU or shengan and so look into Visas before going to make sure you are eligible. You must also contact the police within 72 hours of your arrival. 

As there are no freedom of trade laws goods can be quite expensive here so unless you are looking for something local then this is not a big shopping trip. 

 Be aware that you will need cash here as there is not a credit card society.



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