• Population: 807,610
  • Capital: Timphu
  • Language: Albanian 
  • Currency: Indian Rupee / Bhutanese Ngultrum  
  • Emergency No: Police 113 Fire – 110 Ambulance – 112
  • Size – 14,827 Square Miles



Bhutan is situated on the Eastern-edge of the Himalayas. Bhutan is predominantly a Buddhist country and is famed for its monasteries and statues. 

Bhutan is a place where magic and mystery are a part of the history and legends of the place. 


Bhutan is a country that still has tradition at its heart. As other countries moved ahead with new technologies and innovations, Bhutan has kept its ways. They still use old tools to farm and cook and they live greatly off the land.  The locals still wear traditional outfits and host the traditional festivals. 

Bhutan is a great place for mountain treks.  There are many treks throughout the Himalayas of various levels and if you pick the right one then you can be treated with a beautiful monastery at the top of your trail. 



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