The Cruise industry has had the reputation over the years of being for the rich and famous and seemd like the sort of holidays that were totally unacceable to the average Joe. Over the past 20 years the cruise ship industry has changed massively.

Television shows have been a big eye opener to many as to what the cruise industry can be. The US TV show Loveboat told the stories of an old Princess Cruises cruise director and was only meant to last one season. The public however loved it so much it went on to do 10 seasons. The more recent introduction of Britian’s ITV The Cruise and Jane MacDonald have shown the modern day version of what cruising has to offer and are enticing more people to give it a go. 

Although some cruise lines still have Formal nights and differnet class systems you can choose the cruise line to suit what you like to do on a cruise. NCL cruises dont do formal dining seating where as Cunard cruises expect you to be ‘dressed’ for dinner each night. The cruise lines are getting really inventive with what they have to offer these days some have climbingwalls, bowling alleys, cinemas, ziplines and surfing waves. Even the swimming pools have some amazing slides that go down through all the decks. However despite all these exciting things that maybe appeal more to the kids there is still always an element of class to the ships once you get inside them. From beautiful restraunts and theaters to bars and lounges there is never a shortage of things to do on these beautiful vessels. There really is something for everyone.

The big question however when looking at these floating cities is are they not still a rich persons holiday? When you look at all that is included from your accomodation and food and entertainment and then look at how much you would spend on that in a hotel on land it starts to event up. There are not many 5 star hotels you can stay in for under $100 a night with food included and cruises can come as cheap as $50 a day in some areas of the world. Depending on where you are looking there are ususally some good deals on off peak times in the Caribbean and Mexico and the Med. 

If you are going on a holiday this year put the Cruise idea on the list as you wont regret it the service on the cruise lines is like no other and who can argue with waking up in a new place every day. Go on you deserve it treat yourself. Just dont forget to add you drinks cost into your planning.