In recent years travel has become accessible to more and more people a and therefore become a part of normal life. However how many people travel and how many people go on holiday. Is there a difference or is it all perspective? I think many people would agree that there is a big difference between the person backpacking for months at time verses the person going to lie by the pool for a week. But can they cross over?

When we look at the definition of travel it uses the word journey and I think that is the key when looking at someone who travels. Although we may just be going from one place to another to look at the experience as a journey gives the idea of exploration and adventure which are key to the soul of a traveller. The holiday maker on the other hand is looking for some time away from the confides of work and every day life. The question when looking at travel vs holidays is then are you seeking adventure or are you escaping real life?

I think the idea of Escaping Vs Seeking falls side in side with the type of job you do. I have heard of many people who will work in various types of jobs with the sole purpose of saving money for their next travel experience and once the money runs out they come home and work and do it all over again. Or some people will travel work at the same time. When you look at these people it becomes clear that their priorities are different. Life is no longer about the stereotypical ‘get a good job, make money and have a family’ mentality and many people are breaking out of the mould. When your priorities are about what you have rather than where you go then you will find that these people will take holidays to escape that pressure placed on the job and family ideals.

The need to have this time to go on holiday as a family or a couple is so important for people to escape the day to day grind of life. Relaxation and turning your brain off to the trivial things of life such as the dishes or work or washing the car can be so important and everyone needs a little pampering. It can also be the perfect time to reconnect with the people you love. Some times your best way to enjoy yourself is to do nothing and so the adventure aspect of travelling doesn’t appeal.

As with everything however there is always a sliding scale. If two people go to Spain to the same place they can have very different experiences. If you stay in the hotel and lay be the pool and maybe venture to the beach or the water park then you are getting a very sheltered view of that place. Now there is absolutely merit in this kind of holiday as relaxation can do wonders for you as a person and we all love to come back with a bit of colour. However taking some time to see some of the local architecture and culture is where you start to venture into the travellers adventure. To experience local cultures can put much of your own life into perspective and opens up your world to new experiences and ways of the world. I think that you can travel within a holiday if you want to.

Overall I do feel there is a place for both travel and holidays and we should make time for both to get the best experiences of the world around us but at the same time taking some of that me time that is much needed when the pressures of the world start to creep in. The main thing is that we follow our hearts and passions and take the trips that bring you the most joy.