Best things to do in Mahe – Seychelles

When visiting Seychelles enjoy the island life where things are relaxed, time is not a factor and nothing comes fast. Once you move into the local’s way of life you will have the most beautifully relaxing time here. Here are some of our best things to do on the beautiful paradise that is Mahe.

  1. Morne Blanc Trail – One of the nicest trails to get a beautiful view of the coastline. The walk takes between 50 mins and 1.5 hours depending on your fitness. Remember it is so hot so take plenty of water with you. At the bottom, you will park on the side of the road and then you will follow the signs. Around every 200 meters, there is another sign so that you know you are heading the right way. The views along the way are beautiful and from the top spectacular. Some of the ground areas as slippery and not well maintained so make sure to wear good shoes.
  2. Victoria Botanical Gardens – Located in the heart of Victoria the gardens are a beautiful place to visit. It will cost 100 Rupees to visit for tourists but is free for locals. The gardens were established in 1901 by the Director of Agricultural Services with the aim to provide a beautiful garden space for the locals to enjoy. Now the ministry of Environment has taken the gardens over and actually have their offices inside them. They are looking to provide an area for eco-tourism where people can learn about the environment while enjoying its beauty.
  3. Port Glaud Lagoon – This beautiful lagoon is the perfect spot for a relaxing day on a picture-perfect beach with waters that are crystal clear and you can walk out in. It’s a great place to bring people who are not so confident about swimming and gives them a chance to enjoy the beautiful waters. Some of the beaches are naturally shaded but it is limited so bring plenty of sun protection. Also, be aware that there are no facilities in the area so you will have a real experience of nature.
  4. Anse Royale Beach – A beautiful beach area with amazing snorkelling opportunities. The waters are beautifully clear but be aware that there a lot of corals and stones under the water so if you have water shoes then we would recommend wearing them. At the corner of the beach near the island, there is an eagle and stingray resting area where you can easily swim to. You can often find them near the shore or beside the island. A beautiful place to spend your day. If you are there around noon you can also find a lady called Danielle who will show up and set a stand up selling the most delicious parties for your lunch.
  5. Sir Selwyn – Clarke Market (Victoria Market) – This market is open in the mornings and is often closed by 12 noon. The markets are located in the centre of town and provide some of the most amazing fresh and local foods. There are some stalls with handicraft items but mostly you will find local produce. A great experience of the local flare for life and located in the shopping area so you can do some regular shopping afterwards.