Top 5 things to do in Albany Australia

Albany is a great place to visit this port town is on the Southwest coast of Australia in the King Geroge Sound around 260 miles southeast of Perth and is very popular with tourists due to its all year perfect weather and dramatic and beautiful landscapes and scenery. Here are 5 of our top things to do in Albany.

  • Torndirrup National Park – 10,000 acres of coastal landscape is filled with beauty and wonder. Filled with some amazing granite formations such as ‘The Gap’ and ‘the natural bridge’ which have been carved over thousands of years by the Great Southern Ocean. Along the cliffs, you will see many amazing blowholes and beaches that are a great place to experience. An amazing place to visit and a great day out.
  • Albany Wind Farm – In a culture that is now looking at its economic footprint everywhere we go a trip to the Albany Wind Farm is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn about the 18 gigantic turbines along the Torndirrup peninsula that create 35.4MW of electricity. The wind farm has the capacity to create 80% of the electricity needed for Albany. The turbines are around 65 meters high and each blade is around 35 meters long. The nose cone which the blades attach to are around 14 tonnes in weight.  The Windfarm is also home to some of the more spectacular views of the rugged coastline. It can also be a good place to do a spot of whale watching if they are in season.
  • Tree Top Walk – Situated in the Valley of the giant’s national park the treetop walkway rises up above you nearly 125 feet in the forest canopy. When you walk along you can really feel like you are a part of nature. You can also view the grove of old-growth tingle trees known as the Ancient Empire.
  • Discovery Bay ( Whale World) – Take a trip back in time to Albany’s historic whaling station that exhibits many interactive activities and three theatres each with something else to show you/ One has a giant whales skeleton another a 3D whale movie and the last an audio re-enactment of a whale chase. It is a bizarre and amazing day out.
  • National Anzac Centre – For those who love to learn the history of the places that they visit then this is the place for you. The National Anzac Museum will tell the story of a key part of Aussie history. This place is a must-see for anyone who is interested in military history. The place has been set up with the viewing experience as a priority and gives an immersion into history with an interactive experience. The experience can be emotional to learn about. There is also a nice café on the side of the museum.