Wallis and Futuna  

  • Population: 11,558
  • Capital: Mata utu
  • Language: French 
  • Currency: CFP Franc 
  • Emergency No: 15
  • Size – 54.99 Square Miles


Wallis and Futuna  

Wallis and Futuna are a French island collectivity in the South Pacific waters. The islands are split into 2 groups the Wallis island which is surrounded by 15 smaller uninhabited island and the Hoorn islands split in 2, the Fortuna island and Alofi island which is uninhabited. 


The islands of Wallis and Futuna are beautiful and have all the amazing amenities of a pacific island like the white sand beaches and amazing blue waters. 

What makes these island special is the extra things it has to offer such a lake in the crater of a volcano. Lake Lalolalo is almost a perfect circle in shape and the waters delve down 262ft into the ground. 

 You can explore the ancient ruins of Talimetumu that were believed to build in 1450 as a Tongan settlement. You can go an visit many of the well preserved structures still in place on the island of Wallis. 




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