• Population: 31.98 Million
  • Capital: Caracas
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Petro / Venezuelan Bolivar
  • Emergency No: 999/998/997
  • Size – 353,841 Square Miles



Venezuela has been in civil and political and so before travelling here check the travel warnings for safety.

When travelling to Venezuela you will have to change your money in the country and most will have to be done on the black market but the good news is you will get bang for your buck. Everything is so cheap here. For example for one US dollar we got 12 beers, 


The people in Venezuela are so nice if not surprised to see a tourist and most will be happy to help you in whatever way they can. Try and practice your Spanish before you go as many of the locals have limited English. 

Make sure to visit Roraima the amazing Table top mountain that will give you some amazing views. The top is 31 square meters wide. A must see on your trip.


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