• Population: 276,244 
  • Capital: Port Villa 
  • Language: English / French / Bislama 
  • Currency: Vatu 
  • Emergency No: 111
  • Size – 4,710 Square Miles



Vanuatu is a country in the south pacific made up of 80 islands. Vanuatu islands are paradisaical and not overrun by tourists which makes it a great location to add to the bucket list. 



The island of Efate is seen as the main island as this is where Port Villa, the capital is located. This is also the main island for cruise ships to visit which makes it there biggest island for income. The locals are very receptive to the ships as it is a great boost on the economy. 

The island of Tanna is also a big pull is its  active volcano in the middle but its real treasures are around the edges where there are amazing caves and beautiful white sand beaches. 


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