United Arab Emirates  

  • Population: 3.331 Million
  • Capital: Abu Dhabi
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Dirham
  • Emergency No: 911
  • Size – 32,278 Square Miles


United Arab Emirates 

The United Arab Emirates or the U.A.E. is made up of a federation of 7 emirates on the east side of the Arabian Peninsula  . 

When people think of the U.A.E. most people refer to Dubai as it has made its name worldwide as not only a key travel destination but a major force in the economic world. 


The U.A.E is an easily accessible place for westerners as it has many of the western tenancies that we find normal in our own cultures. Much of the U.A.E are Muslim and so many areas of the country are dry. The big cities have alcohol licensed bars however it is seen that the owners of theses bars by taking a license are letting the world know they are non Muslim.

When visiting the area make sure to take the time to visit the oil rich Capital of Abu Dhabi where you will have the luxury experience like no other. Or go a little outside of the cities and experience the desert with camel rides, dune driving and sandboarding. You will not be bored on a trip to the U.A.E.


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