• Population: 42.22 Million
  • Capital: Kyiv
  • Language: Ukrainian 
  • Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia 
  • Emergency No: Police – 102 Fire – 101  Ambulance – 103
  • Size – 233,062 Square Miles



Ukraine is a country in the East of Europe based on the coast of the Black Sea. Ukraine is a country of rich culture, vibrant colours and exciting history. 

In general Ukraine is a very budget-friendly and accommodations, food and transportation are all pretty inexpensive. 


Odessa is one of the most popular tourist spots located on the coast of the Black Sea. The summer months are amazing but they can get very busy so head to the beaches early to get a good spot. Odessa is also a perfect place to visit the ballet. Not only is it a beautiful building but the performances are out of this world. 

 The capital of Kiev is the most popular location to visit and with no surprise. The city of the golden domes atop the beautiful churches and bell towers. 



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