• Population: 80.81 Million
  • Capital: Ankara
  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Emergency No: Police 155 Fire – 110 Ambulance – 112
  • Size – 302,535 Square Miles



Turkey is a country in Eurasia in the middle east that is modern enough to be comfortable and yet  traditional enough to be interesting. 

Turkey is filled with cosmopolitan cities, idyllic villages, ancient ruins, large mountains and aqua blue waters.  


When visiting Turkey it is the best place to have the genuine Hamam experience. Take some time to relax in some hot and cold pools, get scrubbed, squeezed and massaged into pure tranquility. 

 The beaches in Turkey are unlike anything else wither its a secluded sun worshiping beach that you are looking for a big beach party there is something for anyone. 


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