• Population: 11.57 Million
  • Capital: Tunis
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Dinar
  • Emergency No: 197 Police 190 Ambulance 198 Fire
  • Size – 63,170.6 Square Miles



Tunisia is the land of amazing coastlines that brings beach lovers and sun worshipers to its shores for holidays. 

Influenced by Moroccan, French, Arabic and Mediterainian styles Tunisia has some of the most fantastic foods to try. Filled with slow cooked meat, spices and couscous you will find some amazing culenary delights. 


On your trip to Tunisia a visit to Tozeur is a must as it is your gateway to the Sahara desert. A trip to the Sahara is like nothing you will ever experience anywhere else. Make sure to take a donkey trip across the spectacular oasis. 

You can take a visit to one of the sites of Star Wars although some people have gone to see the site and it has been covered in sand. 

Take a trip to the Salt desert stay over in a tent and see the amazing sunrises and sunsets across the backdrop of the desert. 



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