• Population: 108,120
  • Capital: Nuku’alofa
  • Language: English and Tongan 
  • Currency: Tonga Pa’anga
  • Emergency No: 999 / 927 / 928
  • Size – 289 Square Miles



Tonga is a Polynesian sovereign state made up of 169 islands of which 36 are inhabited. 

Most of the islands are lined in beautiful sandy beaches and cliff lined coasts. The islands are mostly covered in a lush an vibrant rain forest. 

With flights from Sydney being pretty cheap and only a 4.5 hour flight away. Once you arrive your money will go pretty far with an amazing exchange rate. 



Off the coast of Eua and Vavu’a is where you will find the most beautiful sea life. Between June and November you will find that the humpback whales tend to travel up from Antarctica each year. At this time you can take an amazing trip and actually swim with them. 

For the adventurers out there then there are many options of things you can do from kayaking to night diving or even peering into volcanoes. 



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