Sri Lanka  

  • Population: 21.67 Million
  • Capital: Colombo
  • Language: Tamil and Sinhala
  • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee
  • Emergency No:  118 / 119
  • Size – 25,332 Square Miles


Sri Lanka  

Sri Lanka is a must see on a southern Asian trip. You will be over come with the sense of tradition, nature and culanary delights. 

Sri Lanka is said to have the best nature safaris outside of Africa. With many national parks filled with tours leading you to all the amazing animal wildlife. 


Sri Lanka is a very friendly nation and people will be happy to meet and talk with you. It is a barter nation especially in the big cities and so make sure to look up what the going price is for something before you make a deal with a local.

Colombo is an amazing city and gives you many of Sri Lanka’s treasures in one city. The temples are unlike anything else with so many different types to visit all close to each other. You can see a Buddha in any size. They have elephants in the streets for you to see and some of the most amazing food vendors to appease your appetite. 


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