• Population: 46.66 Million
  • Capital: Madrid
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro
  • Emergency No: 112
  • Size – 195,634 Square Miles



Spain is located on the South-West of Europe and occupies 85% of the Iberian peninsula. 

 They say a visit to Spain is good for your health. We can not confirm that but we can say it is good for the soul and sunshine is said to prolong life and the Costa Del Sol is blessed with all year round sun. 


In Spain it is hard to decide if life’s a beach or life’s a party as you can have both in its extremes here. There are so many beaches in Spain that all have there unique charms, good weather and splashing waved to enjoy. Alongside each of these beaches is an array of bars and restaurants that if you choose it can have you partying until the early hours. The summer Spain is a hot spot especially for the British tourist for a ‘Sun, Sea and Sangria’ holiday. 

For those looking for a more cultured experience Spain certainly has that to offer as well from the incredible architecture of Barcelona to the bridges of Ronda anywhere you pick in Spain you just have to look in the right direction to find the adventure. 


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