Solomon Islands  

  • Population: 611,343
  • Capital: Honiara
  • Language: English
  • Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar 
  • Emergency No: 999
  • Size – 10,965 Square Miles


Solomon Islands  

The Solomon islands are made up of around 992 islands of which around 150 are inhabited. There are around 70 languages still in use on the islands but most will still speak English.  

The islanders say ‘we will not wear make up’ which makes is to say they wont play up to the western tourists. 



Many of the communities within the Solomon Islands open up and invite tourists in to spend time with them and experience their cultures.

The Boboe community is the Western province is one of them. As you approach by boat the tribe are calling in shells and have their spears in hand and then at least one will fly over head. They are only called off by the chief. The tribe are covered in mud and banging on drums and shouting loudly until the Chief finally arrives. When he arrives the tribe stop and are now giggling away as they then go off and start the welcome feast. This is comprised of fresh seafood, local veggies and dried bananas. 

In the village of Biche on the island of Gatoke you can call and hand feed the eels with the locals. They are huge and can be seen all year round. It is quite a way from the town to find the correct area so many sure to plan it first. 

 Along with the local traditions and customs war tourism is also pretty big here as there are many memorials, ruins and museums to commemorate those who have been lost. There is a big influence of WW2 memorials here but there area many others as well. 






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