• Population: 5.612 Million
  • Capital: Singapore
  • Langauge: English/ Malay / Cantonese / Tamil
  • Currency: Cuban Singapore Dollar
  • Emergency No: 995/999
  • Size – 278.6 Square Miles



Singapore is a single city state in the South East of Asia just to the south of Malaysia.

For anyone making their first trip to Asia Singapore is the best place to start if you are nervous about visiting such a different culture as it is said that Singapore is ‘Asia for beginners’. Singapore is a very wealthy country and has very strict laws however this makes it one of the safest and cleanest places to visit in the world. It was once said to be ‘Disney land with the death penelty’. 


There is so much to see and do in Singapore you will need to come back time and time again. The gardens by the bay provide the most wonderful experience both at night and during the day. Even those who don’t like gardening will have an amazing experience. 

Make sure are check out all the different areas on Singapore from Chinatown to Little India or Marina Bay sands. Each place will give you a very different day out. 


Food and Drink are an amazing pull for Singapore as its one of the only places in the world where Street food has mitchelin stars. The business district closes down its roads and turns into Satay street at night. And of course don’t forget to visit Raffles the home of the Singapore Sling. 


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