• Population: 15.85 Million
  • Capital: Dakar
  • Langauge: French
  • Currency: West African CFA Franc
  • Emergency No: 17
  • Size – 75,950.9 Square Miles



Senegal is Western Africa’s most visited country which makes for a large contributions to Dakar’s economy.

Senegal is a very safe country especially for the solo female traveler and this is what makes it such a popular African country to visit.


The people of Senegal are very excited to share their country and their culture with you so don’t be scared to interact with these beautifully friendly people. 

Although this is a Muslim country you are not expected to cover up in the same way as other Muslim countries. We would always suggest to be respectful but no need to worry about a knee being out for example.  

Although when you travel many countries will know enough English to get you by Senegal is not one of them so make sure you know basic French to get you by. 


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