Saint Martin

  • Population:  41,109
  • Capital: Phillipsburg / Marigot
  • Language: English / Dutch / French
  • Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder
  • Emergency No: 910/912
  • Size –  33.59 Square Miles


Saint Martin

The island of Saint Martin is split roughly 40/60 between the French Republic and the Netherlands and known as both Saint Martin and Sint Maarten.

Saint Martin was hit heavily in 2017 by hurricane Irma and saldly 11 deaths were reported. The French offcials reported that most of the schools on the french side were destroyed but the biggest issue the island hand was with looting.  Today with the help of the Dutch Red Cross, the many relief charities and the kindness of the cruise industry the Island is starting to get back on their feet. 


There are so many reasons to visit St. Martin but one of my favourites is the 37 white sand luscious beaches that this island provides. Meaning there is sun, sea and relaxation to be had everywhere. 

When looking for the perfect place to visit then of course good food and drink is always a priority and with two nations merging together on one small island the food is like nothing you have ever tried before. Saint Martin is said to be the culinary capital of the Caribbean. 


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