• Population: 144.5 Million
  • Capital: Moscow
  • Language: Russian
  • Currency: Russian Ruble 
  • Emergency No: 112
  • Size – 6.602 Square Miles



A trip to Russia will be filled with rich history, amazing colours, famous art and fabulous architecture. 

The largest country in the world has much to offer the luxury traveler and every trip will give you an unexpected adventure. 


Russia is the Mecca of classical Ballet and world class productions are performed nightly in 3 Mariinsky venues in St. Petersburg and 2 Bolshoi stages in Moscow. Watching a Russian ballet is unlike watching Ballet anywhere else in the world. 

 Russia is famed for its Vodka however it was first made in Poland but there is no denying that the Russians took the formula and perfected it. In Moscow you can visit the Moscow Vodka Museum and find out more. 



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