Pitcairn Island 

  • Population: 50
  • Capital: Adamstown
  • Language: English and Pitkern
  • Currency: New Zealand Dollar
  • Emergency No: n/a
  • Size – 18.15 Square Miles


Pitcairn Island 

Pitcairn Islands are made up of 4 islands and make up the sole British overseas territory in the Pacific. 

In 1767 a young midshipman of only 15 years old aboard a British ship spotted the island and they named the island after him.


Pitcairn Island has a complicated and horrible history that scares people off from visiting or make people think that they are unable to visit. A trip to Pitcairn island is certainly off the beaten track. 

You can book onto one of the boats going to the island they only run every few days and that will take you there. Once you are there you will pay a local to stay with them for your accommodation the island has 12 people who are registered to stay with in different levels of privacy. When there you can take part in various activities such as hiking,  diving, quad biking, whale watching and swimming. 


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