Peurto Rico

  • Population: 3.915Million
  • Capital: San Juan
  • Langauge: English and Spanish
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Emergency No: 106 police and 105 fire
  • Size – 911 or 2020


Peurto Rico

Puerto Rico was colonized by the Spanish in the 14th Centaury and although it was contested by many others the Spanish rule remained for 4 centuries this is why although both English and Spanish are official languages the main language spoken is Spanish.



In September of 2017 the Islands were hit by 2 major hurricanes this led to many people leaving Puerto Rico this has made the recovery of the islands very slow however it gets better every day. The best way to help the islanders is to spend your tourism money there. 

 With beautiful beaches a luscious rain-forest and some of the most amazing food you can imagine, no matter how long your holiday is it will never be long enough. 

 With the mix of cultural influences you will find that the party never stops with amazing dancing and tropical drinks it really is paradise. 

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