• Population: 6.811Million
  • Capital: Assumption
  • Langauge: Spanish and Paraguayan Guarani
  • Currency: Paraguayan Garani
  • Emergency No: 912/141
  • Size – 15,048 Square Miles



Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia and plays host to so much subtropical forest and wasteland. 

However besides its desolate wasteland Paraguay has a lot of natural beauty to offer in its national parks that are filled with beautiful waterfalls and wildlife.


Paraguay’s best kept secret is Ciudad a secret tax haven full of amazing bargains. Being just across the boarder you will find many Brazilians over here and taking their goods back. Make sure and take home some of the local merchandise like the handmade lace. The locals love a good bargain so make sure you haggle your prices down right.

For those who want to delve a little further into history a trip to itá letra petroglyphs in the Amambay Hills is a must. Here you can see the ancient cave paintings from the native Paraguayan tribes and learn their stories. 


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