• Population: 4.636 Million
  • Capital: Muscat 
  • Language: Arabic 
  • Currency: Omani Rial 
  • Emergency No: 999
  • Size – 119,499 Square Miles



Oman is an Arab country in the South-East of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. 

Oman is a hidden Gem for the ultimate vacation experience. From amazing architecture to natural beauty all set on beautiful weather. 

 Oman is full of beautiful country that is fill with amazing man made architecture.  With so many different cultures influencing the history of Oman you can see the amazing architectural influences throughout the country. You can see it in the villages and arches and buildings throughout the nation. You can follow the story of the Omani culture in the many museums throughout the country. 

Oman has so much nature to offer the traveler with towering mountains and vast deserts to explore. The lands take amazing shapes and make for the best hikes across mountains and through caves. 



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