• Population: 6.21 Million
  • Capital: Managua
  • Langauge: Spanish
  • Currency: Nicaraguan Cordoba NIO
  • Emergency No: 112 Ambulance 118 police and 115 fire
  • Size – 50,193 Square Miles



Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central American Isthmus and is a mix of many cultures which has created some unique tribes with their own unique languages.

With its beautiful climate and its active volcanos, Nicaragua is quickly becoming a very popular tourist destination for people to come visit from all around the world.


One of Nicaragua’s big kept secret is that along the pacific side there is some of the most amazing surfing. Giving amazing waves for both beginners and experienced surfers in a quiet setting. 

Under the sea lever Nicaragua also has some of the most beautiful diving and coral reef snorkeling. 

If you prefer to be more land locked then stay on the beach with the beautiful turtles and see them hatch and make their first journey into the sea avoiding the hawks, 

If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous why not sand board down some live volcanoes? 


We think that Nicaragua is an up and comer in the travel world. 


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