• Population: 13,649
  • Capital: Yaren
  • Language: English and Nauran
  • Currency: Aussie Dollar 
  • Emergency No: Police 110 / Fire 112 / Ambulance 111
  • Size – 8.1 Square Miles



Nauru is an island country in Micronesia situated on the North-east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. 

Nauru is one of the least visited places in the world with less than 200 tourists a year.  However if you do decide to visit then you will be in good company and the Queen has been here. 


Nauru is the third smallest nation in the world after Vatican City and Monaco however it is also the fattest with 71% of its residents being obese. This is not its only problem over recent years the country has been struggling economically with the mines running out of resources and the waters running low on fishing opportunities due to climate change. In 2016 unemployment was at 90%. In 2001 the Aussies offered a whole load of money to the island to become a holding place for  Asylum seekers and with the country in dire need they had to accept. The protesting on the island got so bad that they had to bad social media sites like facebook so that the world wouldnt see what was happening. This has just recently been lifted. 


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