• Population: 53.71 Million
  • Capital: Naypyitaw 
  • Language: Burmese 
  • Currency: Burmese Kyat 
  • Emergency No: 119 / 132
  • Size – 440,800 Square Miles



Myanmar is also known by many as Burma but officially holds the name Republic of the Union of Myanmar .

Although the governement encourage tourism there are very few people who choose Myanmar as their choice destination which very few tourists frequenting the country each year. This makes it a travel gem!


There are some beautiful cities to visit in Myanmar however much of country is still off limits. The police are there to encourage tourists an locals not to mix.  The locals are not allowed to discuss politics with foreigners or they can be imprisoned. In 2001 the Myanmar Tourist Promotion Board issued an order for the local officials to limit unnecessary contact between locals and tourists. This was said to protect both tourists and locals. 

To travel to Myanmar you must arrive via a flight as most borders are closed off to non locals. There are no trains, buses or cars. If you do cross the border you must walk. 

 When you are there you must be careful there is a large drug culture across the country with Myanmar producing 25% of the worlds opium. They are the second largest producer in the world. 

Despite the many beauties that exist across the country it has many dangers to be careful of. 


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