• Population: 436,330
  • Capital: Male 
  • Language: Dhivehi 
  • Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa 
  • Emergency No: 119 
  • Size – 115 Square Miles



Maldives an island nations in the South of Asia in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. 

The Maldives is made up around 1000 islands but only 200 are inhabited. The islands are like a picture perfect postcard. When you think of paradise the Maldives will not disappoint you.  


A trip to the Maldives is a trip of luxury so when you you go make sure to book the beautiful resorts and order the nice champagne and enjoy the unbelievable service. 

Dining in the Maldives is an experience in its self you can eat on a platform in the treetops, in the middle of a tropical jungle, overlooking a lagoon, and underwater tunnel or on a beachfront. You really can make date night something of an amazing experience. 

 A trip to the Maldives an experience of ultimate relaxation and wither it is walks along the perfect beaches or playing the the underwater world or bubbles by the pool you can guarentee that a trip to the Maldives will be a trip of a lifetime. 

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