• Population: 37.58 Million
  • Capital: Sucre
  • Langauge: Spanish ++
  • Currency: Bolivian Boliviano
  • Emergency No: Police 110 Fire 119 Ambulance 118
  • Size – 423,300 Square Miles



Bolivia is a landlocked country in the western-central of South America. With a third of the country in the Andes to the west of the country and the lush jungle like north Bolivia has something for everyone. 


With tourism becoming encreasingly important to the countries economy the Tourist board have been working hard to promote the country multliculturally.  With such a mix of cultures and ethnicities there are so many amazing traditions and cultural experiences to be had on a trip to Bolivia. 

The music and dancing are incredible and with everything so cheap you can have a few drinks and party the night away on a budget. 


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