• Population: 2.877 Million
  • Capital: Tirana
  • Language: Albanian 
  • Currency: Albanian Lek 
  • Emergency No: Police 129 Fire – 128 Ambulance – 127
  • Size – 11,100 Square Miles



Albania is one of the hidden gems of Europe and totally worth adding to the bucket list. 

Albania has been out of communism since the 1990’s and is adjusting to the democratic change. The transition from a socialist planned economy to a capitalist mixed economy has been a successful one with the local agricultural community really being a big help to this. 


Like its neighbor Greece Albania has some of the most beautiful beaches along the coast line with white sands and crystal waters. 

Each of Albania’s cities have something unique and beautiful to offer and going to see the amazing architecture, museums and amazing art galleries. 

The Albanian alps are an underutilized treasure of Albania with spectacular mountain ranges, views and hiking to be found.  

For the coffee lovers Albania has an amazing coffee culture and drinking a coffee is the main way of socialising throughout the country. You will find many cafes and coffee shops everywhere you go. 


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