• Population: 16.5 Million
  • Capital: Tokyo
  • Language: Japanese 
  • Currency: Yen 
  • Emergency No: Police – 110 and Ambulance / Fire 119
  • Size – 145,936 Square Miles



Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean to the East of Asia. Japan is a country of heritage, culture and tradition that you will be enveloped into when visiting the country. 

Japan is a unique and beautiful country that is sure to surprise you and surpass your every expectation. 


Japan is one of the safest countries in the world as it has a lot good crime prevention measures in place that means you can feel comfortable to travel around safely. 

The history in Japan is very prominent throughout the country so take so time to delve in and find out more. Visit some castles or temples or shrines to explore more. The city of Kyoto is a perfect place to do this. 

 One of the most beautiful times of the year to visit Japan is in the Spring when the Cherry blossoms are out. When the trees start to blossom the country turns ‘pink’. The drinks become cherry flavoured the food becomes cherry flavoured and there are beautiful pink flowers everywhere. 


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