• Population: 60.48 Million
  • Capital: Rome
  • Language: Italian 
  • Currency: Euro
  • Emergency No: 112
  • Size – 116,347 Square Miles



Italy, the home to amazing art, culture, cuisine, architecture and history.

Italy has some of the most amazing ancient ruins from histories most iconic moments spread throughout the country meaning that every city tells its own story. 


The best place to start with Italy is in its Capital of Rome where the ancient meets the new and ever evolving. The city is desperately trying to evolve in all ways being as modern as possible while still holiday onto its history at every corner. This does mean you can see an ancient ruin and shop at H&M on the same street.

 Venice is the most romantic city in Italy with the  small canals and little humped bridges, the quaint little cafes on every corner and of course the famous Gondola rides with the singing Italian. 


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