• Population: 8.712 Million
  • Capital: Jerusalem 
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Currency: Israeli New Shekel
  • Emergency No: 101/102/100
  • Size – 8,522 Square Miles



Israel is a Middle-Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea and is often referred to as the Holy Land. 

Israel is the centerfold for religion with Jews, Christians and Muslims are claiming holy importance over the land. 


 A trip to Jerusalem will be an enticing mix of the old vs the new with the amazing history to explore in the day and the modern creature comforts to enjoy in the evening. The night life in Jerusalem is getting better year after year. The modern city center plays host to the party with Jaffa Street and Zion Square giving you a night you wont be able to forget. 

 A visit to the Dead Sea is a must do on your Israeli trip. This salt water lake borders Israel on the West Bank. Take a dip in and float along the top. The Dead Sea is said to have healing properties so take a dip and watch all your pains float away. 




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