• Population: 81.16 Million
  • Capital: Tehran
  • Language: Persian
  • Currency: Iranian Rial 
  • Emergency No: Police 110 Fire – 123 Ambulance – 115
  • Size – 636,400 Square Miles



Iran is also often known as Persia and is an Islamic state. Tourism has greatly increased over the past few years with numbers reaching 5 million tourists in 2015.

Most people who visit Iran are from Asian countries but there is a small percentage that come from elsewhere. 


 Iran is still new in the tourism world and so if you are planning to travel there then please do plenty of planning and research on the place first. You need to have special travel insurance to travel in Iran and only certain insurance companies will offer this. You can not use your credit cards here due to sanctions so you will need to have cash with you. There are many places that will do money exchange including the black market. 

In Iran they have a different weekend than us they follow the Muslim calendar and there weekend is on Thursday and Friday. 



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