Hong Kong  

  • Population: 7.392 Million
  • Capital: City of Victoria 
  • Language: English and Chinese 
  • Currency: Hong Kong Dollar
  • Emergency No: 999
  • Size – 427.2 Square Miles


Hong Kong  

Hong Kong until 1997 was a colony of the UK but since then has become a Special Administrative Region of China. 

This means that it is still a part of the country of China but is allowed to operate as an independent government. This is how the socialism and capitalism can both operate in one country. 


 Hong Kong is known as the culinary capital of Asia. Hong Kong offers cuisine form all over the globe and you can visit restaurants of all varieties. The local dim sum and fresh seafood are really worth a try on your trip. All food items are freshly made and prepared with the most amazing ingredients. 

 Victoria Harbor is the best place to be in the evening. Take a cruise around the harbor and see the amazing skyline. The Symphony of Lights is an amazing site to be seen. The nightlife in Hong Kong is not to be missed with amazing bars and clubs open until the early hours of the morning. 


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