• Population: 10.98 Million
  • Capital: Port-Au-Prince
  • Langauge: French / Hattian Creole
  • Currency: Haitian Gourde
  • Emergency No: 114
  • Size – 10,714 Square Miles



Haiti left its mark on the world in 1804 when it became the first country to abolish slavery through a slave revolt.

Today the tourism sector is greatly underdeveloped and although the island is trying to develop this the only real tourism they see is from the cruise ships.



Haiti has some of the most affordable luxury all inclusive hotels where the service standards are like nothing you have seen before. The country is in real need of tourism money so you know that your luxury holiday is helping the local economy.

If you are staying in these resorts make sure to step out and meet the local communites the public beaches are a great way to do this. Have some food from some of the stalls or join in the with the locals playing a game of footie. They are so friendly and will be really accomodating.  


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