• Population: 5.513 Million
  • Capital: Helsinki
  • Language: Finish and Swedish 
  • Currency: Euro
  • Emergency No. 112
  • Size – 130,666 Square Miles



Finland has more water and forest than anywhere else in Europe. Making it the perfect place for the nature lover. 

Every winter Finland is the only place that you can meet the real Santa in Lapland. Every winter Finland is a winter wonderland for all who visit. 

Finland is the place ‘The place’ for relaxation with over 3 Million Saunas in the country which is more than one sauna for every second person in the country. 

The Summer is filled with endless sunny days as there are about 2 months of Midnight Sun. The locals like to celebrate the summer with a film festival in the northern area of Lapland.

 The Film festival is just one of the many festivals that are available in Finland such as the flow festival, Baltic circle festival and many many others.  

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